Sunday, November 23, 2014


Twitter Sends Out Emails To 250K Users Who ‘May’ Have Been Compromised, Says Hack Was Not Related To Yesterday’s Outage


Twitter is sending out emails to 250,000 users it says may have had their accounts compromised in the last week as the site experienced “unusual access patterns that led to us identifying unaut Read more »

Michigan Becomes Latest State To Protect Citizens From Employers And Schools Snooping On Private Social Feeds


Employers and schools in Michigan, the greatest state in the Nation, are now prohibited from asking employees and students for passwords to their personal email and social media accounts. In a win for reasonable privacy and common sense, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder just signed House Bill 5523 into law introduced by state Rep. Read more »

There’s A Difference Between Private And Personal


While most of us were enjoying the holidays with our families all over the world, someone who is related to the CEO of Facebook posted a photo of her family to friends, and then some journalist person downloaded it and Read more »

Instagram Denies 25% Holiday User Drop From TOS Backlash, And Here Are Real Explanations For A Usage Dip


Sure, it’s not unlike the New York Post to be sensationalist. But in this case it misinterpreted data to suggest Instagram was hit harder by backlash to its terms of service changes than it actually was. Read more »

Do Customers Have A Right To Know How Companies Make Money?


When Google started raising money in 1998, Sergey Brin and Larry Page didn’t have a revenue model — or at least that’s how the story goes. Read more »

The Free Internet Will Be Just Fine With Do Not Track. Here’s Why.


Editor’s note: Sarah A. Downey is an attorney, privacy advocate,and writer. She joined Abine, an online privacy startup, in 2010 after receiving her J.D. Read more »

IFV News Features Cloud Computing Security & Your Business with Harold Moss, IBM Security Architect

Cloud computing has been dubbed one of the fastest growing and emerging technologies in the Information Technology sector. Businesses of all sizes are finding a substantial savings by working on the cloud; Internet based applications and/or services with an amalgamation of hardware and system software. With convenience comes complexity, the ever-present question of security and protecting sensitive private data. Read more »